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Everyday objects that just shouldn't be!

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Where hideous, kitschy objects are displayed for your amusement.
Maintainers: pandorasblog and scrr

Why? We visit a lot of secondhand shops and are continually appalled and frightened by, for example, ashtrays in the form of garishly coloured donkeys pulling carts.

What? Post your photos of garish tat, unwittingly suggestive items, etc. Deliberate, ironic kitsch is one thing, but what we really want to see is the stuff that you're horrified by routinely in your homes, workplaces and shops. The stuff of everyday horror, designed with good intentions but no taste.

Rules: 1. Inanimate objects are okay, but we're not looking for ugly people or animals. If you're sending us an ugly fashion item you saw online (please, no photographing innocent bystanders!), a link to a pic of a model wearing it is okay.

2. No porn. I shouldn't need to say this, but I thought I'd better be safe. If anything is risque, then it MUST be behind a LiveJournal cut (see below).

3. No stealing stuff just so you can photograph it! We know most people wouldn't, but it seems wise to mention this now for the benefit of that tricksy 1%. Exercise commonsense when photographing someone else's stuff in public.

4. No Photoshopped stuff, except of course for improving colour balance or contrast if your photo isn't clear enough and requires that kind of editing.

5. As usual when posting pics, use an LJ-cut, don't hotlink (if you don't know what that means, you really need to click the link), don't post images so big they stretch the page out, etc. And be courteous!

6. Entries will be tagged by the management so that, should you yearn to see a particular type of Wrongness, whether it involves kitchenware or puppies or something else entirely, you'll be able to check the list, here.

We don't picture ourselves having to do this, because nobody who likes suggestive kitten ornaments could be a bad person, but we will delete posts breaking the rules, and ban persistent offenders.